“The company story is the company strategy.”


Strategic messaging & positioning

In these engagements, CEOs and their executive teams align around a high-level narrative that clarifies strategy and powers success across the organization — in sales, marketing, fundraising, product development and recruiting.

Once the leadership team is aligned on the new story, I guide its implementation through training in functional areas (sales, marketing, etc.) and quarterly health checks.

To learn more, email me at andyraskin@gmail.com or start a chat.

Training & public classes

San Francisco
General Assembly | 225 Bush St, 5th Floor

No matter whom you're pitching—investors, customers, or colleagues— you'll be more effective by tapping the awesome power of narrative storytelling. In this class, you'll learn how storytelling frameworks from film and other narrative arts can take your pitches and presentations to the next level. You'll also practice crafting personal stories that quickly establish trust with others.

Wait list
Feb 28, 2018 (Wednesday) | 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Mar 22, 2018 (Wednesday) | 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Strategic storytelling for teams
On-site training for your team

Join teams at Square, Salesforce, Uber, Yelp, and VMware who have already put this training into practice. In this 2- to 4-hour workshop tailored for your team, participants learn how to build a compelling strategic narrative for pitching products, services and ideas. They also craft personal stories that quickly establish trust with others.


My clients include leadership teams funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, NEA, Google Ventures, First Round Capital, KPCB, Cowboy Ventures and other top venture investors.

Justin Yoshimura CEO and co-founder 500friends (acquired by Merkle)

“Andy's biggest contribution was raising the credibility of 500friends — on our website, in sales discussions, and with investors. When it comes to boiling down complex offerings into understandable, targeted stories, Andy is the most talented person I know.”

Andy Wilson CEO Logikcull

“We’ve always had a vision, but Andy helped us see it—and crystallize it—in a way that’s going to make for a much brighter future.”

Spenser Skates CEO and Founder Amplitude

“Andy crafted new positioning and messaging for Amplitude that immediately increased our win rate and helped us gain traction faster with investors. We were really lucky to work with Andy, and I highly recommend him.”

Marc Morin CEO Auvik Networks

“I describe Andy's process as frustrating, infuriating, exhilarating and awesome all at once—and exactly what we needed at Auvik. We now have a great, clear story that I believe will be foundational in helping us achieve our objectives in the years to come. ”

Jamie Roche CEO Flux (Google X)

“Andy led us to a simple, powerful way of telling our story. Now, prospects and investors ‘get it’ in minutes, sometimes seconds. As expected, Andy made our selling conversations more productive—what I didn't anticipate was the dramatic, positive effect his process had in focusing my team.”

Deepa Subramanian CEO and Co-founder Wootric

“Andy's process is agile and iterative, and the outcome has given us a powerful way to communicate with customers, investors, and our team. I look forward to every single meeting with Andy because of the way he gets us thinking about the bigger strategic picture.”

Roque Versace Head of Americas Sales Intel Services

“Andy is the best I know at crafting company and product stories that help us win business. I hope to be working together for a long time.”

Catherine Liao Senior Director, Platform Solutions Riverbed Technology

“Andy's Storytelling for Marketers workshop provided a great team-building exercise and gave us the tools to tell our marketing story in a more engaging way.”

Alexander Garcia-Tobar CEO and Co-founder ValiMail

“Andy helped us get crystal clear about who our current customer is, and which of our many value props are most important to that customer. The result is new messaging that quickly gets customers, investors and potential hires excited about what we do.”

Randi Barshack VP Marketing Mashery (now VP Marketing, CrowdFlower)

“Great marketing starts with a great story. When it comes to helping senior execs align on a compelling strategic narrative, no one is better than Andy.”

Mark Chung CEO and Founder Verdigris

“In just one month, Andy rebuilt our messaging, clarified our positioning, focused our brand, delivered a compelling company narrative, and gave us a powerful marketing strategy that's the foundation for our growth.”

Paul Lynch CEO Assembla

“Andy led us to a Eureka moment around how we define our category and tell our story to prospects, customers, investors—everyone. My team is super-psyched about our new narrative.”

Sandra Lewis Founder and CEO Worldwide101

“Andy breathed new life into the way we talk about our business by calling forth our story and then boiling it down into strong, compelling messages that we had never considered. Andy has done more than help with our story — his process, the fresh perspective, and the end results have invigorated our whole team by giving us a unified way to describe what we do. It's powerful stuff and well worth the investment.”

Michael Sharma CEO Exinda

“Andy helped us define our strategic story in a way that has generated new, sustained excitement among my customers, my team, and my board. I'm now aligning everything we do — sales, marketing, fundraising, and product — around that single story.”

Jason Fischl Co-founder and CTO Blipboard (now VP Engineering, Remind)

“By getting our story straight, Andy made our investor pitches, product demos, and product development more successful. Andy is great at helping early-stage companies build a narrative for how customers will interact with their products.”

Zen Ohashi CEO and founder Sugoi Kaigi

“Andy is the rare individual who sees the truth about how a company presents itself to the world, without dogma or bias. Through dialog and questioning, he can create a story that makes impossible goals achievable. It's a kind of magic.”



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